Registrations can be submitted online for early bird pricing or from 8:30am to 11:00am on the morning of the race at the Jock River Park at the end of Lennox Street (this is the race end location).

Racer Kit Pickup

All racers, including those who register online must pick up a racer kit on race day. The racer kits include bibs, boat numbers, and copies of the Emergency Action Plan. Bibs should be worn by all racers on the front of their shirts or on personal flotation devices. Boat numbers are to be placed on both sides of the front of the boat so they can be easily be seen by timekeepers. 

Safety Equipment

All paddlers must ensure that the following equipment is available in their crafts:

  • Appropriately sized, Canadian approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFD). All paddlers are required to wear PFDs during the race
  • Sound signaling device (pealess whistle)
  • 15m of buoyant rope
  • Manual bailer


The race put-in is located where Munster Road meets the Jock River.  You may park your vehicle on the side of the road.  You will need to go through a removed fence section when bringing your boat to the water.  The put in at the water can be quite busy during the race, so please be mindful of others and make room by paddling to an available spot on the river when possible.  Racers should aim to be on the water at least 15 minutes before their planned start. 

Start LIne

The race start is at 12:00pm. Race starts will be signaled once every minute where boats will leave the start line in groups of 4. The order of boats is not predefined, as such that boat number 1 does not have to be the first boat at the starting line. When you are ready, make your way to the starting rope and wait for instructions (CAUTION: approach the starting rope slowly in order to avoid tipping in). The stern paddler can hold on to the starting rope while waiting for the start signal.


The finish line is an imaginary line formed by two buoys placed on either side of the river at Jock River Park. As you cross the finish line timekeepers may ask for your boat number, please call it out clearly. After you cross the finish line, make your way to the left hand side of the river to remove your boat out of the water. Race staff will be available to help you move your boat to the finish area where snacks, water, and warm coffee will be available.

Shuttle transportation

A shuttle will be available to transport racers back to the race start line location if necessary.


An awards ceremony will be held at 2:30pm or earlier depending on the last race finish. Medals will be given to those present at the ceremony or mailed out to racers who cannot attend the ceremony on request.