Race Classes

If you can paddle it, you can race it in the Jock River Race.  The race classes below have been set, if your boat does not fit in one of these classes, you can still race in the 'unlimited' class.  Not sure what class you should be in, drop us a line and we'll help you out.

tandem canoe - Copy.gif

Canoe - Recreational

The most popular class, the recreational canoe class allows for all canoes up to 17 feet in length.  

tandem canoe - Copy.gif

Canoe - Competitive

For the more competitive minded the competitive canoe class allows canoes up to 18.5 feet in length.

Solo Canoe.png

Canoe - Solo

The solo canoe class is for all canoes that are paddled with a canoe paddle by a single person.  Solo canoes should not make use of a rudder.  Both solo recreational and competitive canoes fit this category.

Solo Kayak.png

Kayak - Recreational 

Most kayaks will fit into the recreational kayak class.  These are paddled by a single person with a kayak paddle.

Racing Kayak 2.png

Kayak - competitive

The competitive kayak class is intended for fast and high performance kayaks or surfskis.  To find out if your kayak fits in this category please refer to Sound Rower's boat list and specification pages.

tandem kayak.jpg

Kayak - Tandem/Multi

This category is for all kayaks that are paddled by more than one person, including all tandem kayaks and family kayaks.  


SUP - Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddleboards are quickly gaining popularity.  This class is for all paddleboards in the race.



This class is for all other boats that do not fit one of the above categories.