New! Location Tracking

New for 2019 we’re introducing optional location tracking for the race. Racers who want to share their location with friends and family to watch online can download the free FollowMee app to their phone and register themselves for tracking. On race day they will bring their phone in a waterproof bag and will appear on the Jock River Race map for people on-line to watch their progress.


Do I have to do this?

No, tracking is entirely optional. If you know friends and family who are watching you along the race it can be fun for them to track you online. Or if you’d like to

How much will it cost?

It’s entirely free. The app can be downloaded for free and your phone will capture your device location for free. Your phone does need to be on the network and will use some data to communicate your location to the server.

Can I only enable it for the race?

Yes, you can start and stop tracking at any time from your phone. After the race you can remove the application.

How do I set it up?

Follow the instructions here

How can I test if it works?

Once enabled you can see if you are tracking by going to the tracking page and looking for your device on the map at your current location.

During the race, how do people see the tracking page?

The tracking page is at Simply share this web address with friends and family and they’ll be able to see your progress online using their phones, laptops, iPads, etc…

What about privacy?

The app will share your device location but no other information with race organizers. Once turned off or removed the app will stop tracking.

Can I remove it afterwards?

Like any other app, you can remove it from your phone. You can also stop tracking at any time.

What if I need more help?

Drop us a line at, we’ll try to help you out.